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Adult Education Program Coordinator

The Su Casa Adult Education Program Coordinator (APC) helps create a safe space for students to learn English, demonstrating the grace of God as students and volunteer teachers learn and grow together. The APC helps create a warm and welcoming environment and becomes the main face of Su Casa to the students and volunteers. The APC works alongside the Deputy Director to plan, prepare, and implement high-quality English classes for immigrant students; the classes are then led by trained volunteer teachers which the APC oversees. The APC helps organize the calendar for the year and ensures that classes run smoothly and keeps the rest of Su Casa staff abreast of what is happening in the program. The APC reports to the Deputy Director and the Executive Director.


  • 25 hours per week

    • Tuesday and Thursday in-class hours: 8:00 - 11:30 AM and 5:00 - 8:30 PM (12 hours)​

    • Staff meetings are on Tuesdays, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (1.5 hours) 

    • 11.5 additional administrative hours during the week 

  • Staff brunch one Friday per month

  • Su Casa family events are required outside of the normal schedule, as noted on the calendar

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

1. Student Communication 

  • Make sure prospective students complete the enrollment process

    • i.e. application, placement test, payment, pre-test ​

  • Send informative texts and respond to student messages

    • i.e. beginning of classes, breaks, tests days, special activities, etc. ​

  • Collect payment from students 

  • Maintain communication with students prior to enrollment, during classes, and after they leave classes

  • Track student connections and life events

  • Refer students for community services as needed

2. Volunteer Communication 

  • Help recruit volunteers to teach the classes

  • Assign volunteers to classes based on enrollment

  • Provide training materials for volunteers

  • Maintain contact with volunteers via email and text 

  • Ensure attendance is submitted for classes 

3. Evaluation and Assessment

  • Conduct student satisfaction surveys

  • Conduct volunteer satisfaction surveys 

  • Maintain database of students and volunteers

  • Provide volunteer teachers with assessments 

4. Policies and Procedures

  • Report any concerns or problems to the Director

  • Maintain accurate records of all student information

  • Complete all required documentation and paperwork in a timely fashion

  • Communicate clearly and effectively with the Director

  • Approach students respectfully and in a way that exhibits God's grace

5. Su Casa Mission and Team

  • Maintain a professional work environment

  • Engage in a professional manner at all times

  • Work alongside the Childcare Supervisor to align child care during the evening classes 

  • Support the mission and values of Su Casa, including Statement of Faith

  • Attend all required staff meetings and events

  • Participate in the development and evaluation of Su Casa's goals and objectives

  • Show flexibility and a team spirit when asked to assist in other duties outside of the normal job description

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor's degree or higher, preferably in a related field

  • In lieu of a degree, relevant experience working in Adult Ministry or Administration may be accepted

Skills and/or Attributes

  • Able to communicate in both Spanish and English

    • Volunteer teachers are native English speakers; students are primarily native Spanish speakers

  • Comfortable working in a multilingual, Christian environment 

  • Professional demeanor 

    • Able to handle confidential information, communicate effectively, and respectfully​

  • Teachable demeanor: 

    • Flexible, willing to learn new skills, problem solver, able to prioritize tasks​

  • Computer skills

To apply, please send a cover letter stating why you would like to work at Su Casa and your resume to our Adult Education Director, Cherise, at