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Su Casa is a place of safety and connection for both the Latino immigrant community and the broader Memphis community. Through our Adult English and Early Childhood Programs, combined with our extensive referral network, Su Casa seeks to partner with families in our community to improve their economic, health, and general wellbeing.


Both programs are ways for families, parents, children and neighbors to connect organically with the broader community. Su Casa works to create a place where our Latino immigrant neighbors can learn, grow, and pursue their self-determined goals. Our theory of change is that when whole families from across our city connect, that is when neighborhoods are lifted, communities are strengthened, and our city becomes its best.

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The Memphis “Adopt-A-School” Program at Berclair Elementary hosts a group of volunteers from Second Presbyterian Church. The family relationships that grow lead to the establishment of an Adult English Program led by volunteers to support the English language needs of first-generation Latino immigrants in our neighborhood.

Su Casa Family Ministries officially becomes a nonprofit in March.

Families attending classes at Su Casa express a need for a bilingual preschool program for their children in their neighborhood. Su Casa Preschool begins its first of four years of incremental growth of a bilingual preschool serving children 1-4 years old.

COVID-19 lockdowns lead to the creation of a Su Caja preschool learning tool, a pivot to virtual classrooms for the adults, as well as testing events, food and mask distributions, housing assistance, and over $54,000 distributed through Su Casa’s Relief Fund.

Su Casa returns to in person learning for preschoolers and a hybrid model for the adults. Su Casa hosts 8 vaccination events, and partners to bring 2 Health Advocates and an attorney on site.

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