Why Give Monthly?


Join the Family

Don’t just watch from the outside, jump in! La Familia gives you the opportunity to join our community and make a real difference. By donating monthly, you’ll join the Familia of supporters who understand the value of ensuring families a safe space to learn – together.


Invest in Something Bigger

Your choice, our confidence. As part of La Familia, we want you to invest the amount you feel the most comfortable choosing. And we want you to be confident knowing that your investment will affect the bigger picture – allowing children a valuable head start before entering Kindergarten, and adults access to quality English classes.


Year-Round Support

In a world of uncertainty, it’s important that our students know they can count on us! Because the monthly gifts from La Familia, we’ll never have to worry about that not happening. Our students will receive the best care and experience available, and it’s something they’ll be able to know will always be there for them.


Best Seat in the House

Victories are worth celebrating, and celebrations are worth witnessing! You’ll receive quarterly updates with photos and stories of Su Casa’s wins – confident smiles, changed lives, and brand new chapters. All because of you and La Familia! You won’t hear it secondhand, you’ll watch it happen right in front of you… from the comfort of your own home!


What You’re Supporting


Adult English Classes

For obvious social and cultural reasons, acquisition of the English language is a significant felt need among Memphis’ Hispanic population. However, Adult English Classes also provide a means by which Su Casa can develop loving, Christ-centered relationships with these families, sharing the gospel both in word and deed. The support of La Familia will impact the over 200 students that come for classes each week!


Esperanza Early Childhood Center

Our Early Childhood Center offers an exceptional bilingual Christian education to children from 1 to 4 years old, specifically to children from a Spanish language background, that focuses on parental involvement and leads to kindergarten readiness. La Familia’s support will give these children an invaluable head start.


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