Advice to ESL Students from a former English learner


Learning English is no easy thing, and sometimes our students get discouraged because their English isn’t where they want it to be yet. Carlos Vargas, one of our volunteer teachers, used to be in English classes himself and has been able to encourage our Level 1 students that with lots of practice and determination they can do it! We asked Carlos about his experience in class and what advice he had to offer to our students. Here’s what he had to say:

The best experiences I had in ESL classes are with the friends I made and especially my friends from the USA, my teachers and director, that now a day are my first resources when I need help within the community or the city where I live. They know the country and the people and the best way to the things in the new Country.

My advice would be to become a proactive person on learning, ESL classes most of the time are basic and the time is always too short to explain everything in detail and even more short to learn and understand deeply. Go to your home and find a relation between learning and your everyday life and practice all the time.

Prepare before you go to class if it is possible, if there is a book or guide to learn, go and review the lesson before classes and bring all your questions. This preparation can change the productivity of the hour learning.

Talk as much as you can, everybody is learning english with you and that means that they are not perfect they are learning, but if you feel ashamed all the classes you will never break that barrier if you can't start in a friendly learning environments such as ESL classes. Conversational classes are the only way to improve and really understand how you need to practice, and at the same time is a very good source to find new words. As soon as you start talking in classes you will find the words that you know in your own language but you don’t know in english. Don't be afraid, talking is the key.

The classes are only the door to your learning path and will depend on how long you will be on the road to the final success of speaking English!

Kendall Griffin