Staff Profile: Heather Scholes

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Meet Heather! Heather works in our office part time, but in the past she's been a nursery volunteer, an Early Childhood teacher, and a part of the Ladies Bible study. Heather is a great example of someone who is fully invested in our community. After being involved with Su Casa for a while, Heather and her family moved just a few blocks from us because they wanted to be closer to all of their new friends! Check out Heather's viewpoint: 


Over the past 3 years I’ve enjoyed being a volunteer, student, parent, teacher, and neighbor to Su Casa. I started out in Su Casa Kids bringing along my then 4 month old, Caleb, while I snuggled babies for the moms attending the morning ESL classes. That led to me attending Esperanza church’s ladies Bible study after classes. Then, when EECC first started, I enrolled Caleb in the 1 year old class and got to watch the early childhood program get built from the ground up. After meeting so many incredible people through Su Casa and throughout the neighborhood, we wound up moving into a house in the neighborhood just a few blocks away, and I then started teaching part time for the preschool in my son’s class. He’s starting his third year at EECC this month and I’m back on staff in the office part time after having our second child, Andrew in Feb. 2018.

What started out, in all honesty, as a way to get out of the house and be around other adults has become an invaluable resource for our family. It’s been a great connecting point to other moms, often more experienced and overflowing with wisdom. Esperanza church has time and again welcomed me and my husband (who only speaks a few words of Spanish) with open arms and encouraged us with sound Biblical parenting and marriage advice. Su Casa’s a safe place where I can ask questions as I learn more about being a mom, and walk away not only with answers or ideas, but knowing that I’m not alone in my struggles.

While I loved snuggling babies and teaching toddlers, all of my favorite memories from Su Casa over the past three years have been out of the relationships I’ve formed through Su Casa: Learning to cook pozole (Mexican stew) from another EECC mom. Watching another pregnant friend’s toddler and mine play together on the floor of our OB’s office as we waited for the doctor. Wisdom shared about how to handle everything from tantrums to teething while we watched our kids play at the park playground. Caleb’s teacher walking over to our house on a snow day for a snowball fight and hot chocolate. Birthday parties and bumping into friends at the grocery store. Just doing life together with a sweet network of moms and friends from across the globe, right here in my hometown.


While I have used my experiences, time, and English fluency to help friends from Su Casa navigate paperwork, doctors appointments, and other situations, at the end of the day, volunteering through Su Casa has given our family so much more than we could ever offer back. We have benefited immensely and been changed in the process. The past three years have been a wonderful season of learning and growing together with new friends from all over the Americas.


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Kendall Griffin