Ways to Pray


As we prepare for a new semester of Adult English Classes and our Early Childhood Center, we want to ask you to consider being a prayer partner. Your prayers mean more than you know! Don't know what to pray for? Well you've come to the right place! Here are ways you can pray for us: 


1. Adult English Classes 

In a semester, we have over 200 students walk through our doors! Along with our 200 students, we have about 70 volunteers who help either teach an English class or help take care of our student's children. Pray that we can find all the volunteers we need and that they would come ready to engage our students and their families. 

Pray for our students. If you've ever tried to learn a new language, you understand how difficult it is. Our students are paying to come to these classes, so they're already extremely eager to learn! Pray that even when it gets hard, that they would remain positive and put in the work. 

2. Esperanza Early Childhood Center

Our Early Childhood Center is growing! We’re putting the finishing touches on our new Pre-K 4 rooms and will be welcoming in at least 70 students in September! Pray for our kids that they would be brave and excited to come. Pray for their parents, because most of them are dropping their child off for the first time. Pray that our teachers return rested and focused. Pray that are students and teachers would be kept safe and remain healthy throughout the year. 

3. Iglesia presbiteriana esperanza 

Many of our ESL students have begun attending Esperanza! Pray for Pastor Chucho, that God would continue to speak through him and guide him. Pray for Ceci, who works with the children, that she would help her students cultivate a strong spiritual foundation. Pray for the church as it grows, that their members would continue to seek God and grow in their faith. 

4. our community

Living in a different country that hasn't always been your home can be difficult and sometimes feel scary. Pray for our students and their family and friends who are living here in our community. Pray that they would feel welcome and safe.  

5. Our staff 

We are so grateful that we get to work with such an amazing community. Pray that our staff would continually remember why we do what we do each day. Pray that they would rest well and work hard. 

Kendall Griffin