Why Volunteer?

In the 2018-2019 semester we served over 252 students and 50 kids. While we know and love each and every one of those people, there's no way we could teach or take care of them all as a staff. That's why we have to enlist over 70 volunteers! We could never do all that we do without the help of volunteers. They are, in fact ,the real MVP's. 

As we gear up for a new semester, we're back on the hunt for new volunteers. There are so many ways you can get plugged in, whether it's helping with the ESL side of things or helping in our Early Childhood classroom.  To give you an insider's perspective on volunteering we asked a few of our volunteers, "why volunteer?". 



Rebekah Jewett - 5 Year Volunteer  

I volunteer at Su Casa to be a part of the bigger picture of the body of Christ. It's so rewarding to step out of your own culture (aka comfort zone) and see the world through someone else's eyes. Su Casa has provided a safe place to make friendships that I may not have had the opportunity to make elsewhere. I've heard life stories of so many people and had lots of people from many different countries in my home from having them as students at Su Casa. I'm so thankful that my kids can experience this as normal in their lives, and I feel like that will be invaluable to them in their lives and how they see and interact in the world. 

Please volunteer! You will be a richer, wiser, more understanding person because of it. You will meet wonderful people that will become friends, eat awesome food, and feel encouraged that awesome things are happening to make Memphis a better place.

Drew Hursey- 1 Year Volunteer

The biggest reason I signed up to volunteer was because I was wanting to get to know the Hispanic community in Memphis on any level, as any level was better than my current level of knowing no one.  For the most part, when I look at my community and where I spend most of my time, everyone looks like me and not like the diverse city where I live.  I thought that should change, even though I didn't know how it would change and what that would like.

Just jump in somewhere, be open, and get excited to meet new people.

Mike Warner - 1 Year Volunteer

 I volunteer because I prayed and asked the Lord what he would have me do in retirement, and this is one of the things. I continue to volunteer because it’s one of the most fun things that I do, and it is a great outlet for telling people about Jesus.


If you'd like to volunteer or are interested in learning more please visit our Volunteer page






Kendall Griffin