Su Casa welcomes the stranger, bridging the gap between first generation Hispanic immigrants and resident Memphians. We identify the felt and actual needs of the community, and recruit volunteers to engage those needs through teaching and caring for both adults and children, helping them to thrive in the new culture and calling on them to be good neighbors.

Su Casa is a place of safety and connection for both the Latino immigrant community and the broader Memphis community. We offer two main programs: adult English classes and a bilingual, academically excellent, Christian preschool program for 1-4 year olds. Both programs are ways for us to allow our families, parents, children and neighbors to connect organically with the broader community and vise versa. Our theory of change is that when whole families from across our city connect, that is when neighborhoods are lifted, communities are strengthened, and our city becomes its best.

Photo: Justin Fox Burks

Photo: Justin Fox Burks

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Su Casa Family Ministries began as an outgrowth of Second Presbyterian Church’s involvement in the Memphis City Schools’ “Adopt-A-School” Program. In 2005, the church began "adopting" classrooms at Berclair Elementary. Volunteers realized the difficulties facing the children of first generation Spanish-speaking immigrants. This interaction led to the establishment of an Adult “English as a Second Language” (ESL) program and the formation of Su Casa Family Ministries in February 2008 and today there are consistently nearly 250 adult students enrolled in ESL classes. In 2010, a church was formed, Iglesia Presbiteriana Esperanza, which meets in the same location as Su Casa. Su Casa and Iglesia Presbiteriana Esperanza share facilities as we point our students and parents toward the Gospel. In 2015, due to increased requests for help with the children of the families in the Su Casa community, we started our first class of our preschool program, Esperanza Early Childhood Center. Since then, we have added a grade each year, now serving 1-3 year olds. We will be opening our 4 year old class in Fall of 2019.



We believe all people are created by God, in His image, and are worthy of dignity and value (Genesis 1:26–27).  All people are either brothers/sisters in Christ or people God loves and we have an opportunity to reach with the Gospel. (Matthew 28:19-20)

It is the responsibility of believers to especially care for marginalized groups (widows, orphans, immigrants, etc.) by meeting real needs (Leviticus 19:33–34; Jeremiah 7:5–7; Ezekiel 47:22; Zechariah 7:9–10; Matthew 25:35–40; Hebrews 13:2). Each of us has been given gifts for the purpose of sharing those with others for our mutual benefit (1 Peter 4:10).